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Welcome to Brent's stolen Chevelle page.

My Chevelle was stolen sometime between 8/24/2007 and 9/10/2007 from Roy Huffman's RV Storage at 13980 Manchester Rd in Ballwin, Missouri. The person(s) that did this most likely used a rollback flatbed type tow truck with a winch at the front. The lot where my Chevelle was didn't have room to manuver a car trailer and there were a pair of drag marks in the gravel about 8 feet long where they drug it onto the truck. My Chevelle was backed into the spot where it was parked.

My Chevelle is a 2-door Malibu sport coupe painted bright blue metallic. It has chrome molding down each side of the car, about 6 inches from the bottom of the car. The driver's side quarter panel has received extensive collision damage between the door and the wheel well, and is painted a primer gray color. The car also has custom aluminum wheels with BF Goodrich tires.

The interior is black vinyl with a bench seat and no headrests. The interior looks stock with the exception of an aftermarket Grant steering wheel and aftermarket radio. The car has a 350 cubic inch small block with a 4 barrel Holley 600 cfm carburetor, Dynomax headers and mufflers and a 2-1/4 inch dual exhaust system. The transmission is a 3 speed automatic with the shifter on the steering column. When my Chevelle was stolen it had historic Missouri license plates, number H13147.

My Chevelle's VIN is 136379A322376, and it's located on the forward part of the dashboard, on the driver's side. The VIN can be easily seen through the windshield from the outside of the car.

Another way my Chevelle could be identified is by the Fisher Body Number Plate, also referred to as the trim tag or cowl tag. This metal tag, affixed to the top of the cowl on the driver's side, just under the hood, provided information that was meant to be a permanent record of the way each Chevelle body was manufactured. I didn't take any photos of my Chevelle's trim tag before it was stolen, but below is an example of what my Chevelle's trim tag would look like.

If you have any information regarding this Chevelle, please contact the St. Louis County Police Department or me via E-Mail. Thank you.

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